Introducing Our New Mochi Waffle Pops.

Made hot and fresh in our kitchen every day! Every mochi waffle pop is made to order with our house-made recipe. Check our available flavors and pairings below!

Crispy outside,
chewy inside.

Traditionally made with a sweet red bean paste, our modernized version offers flavors like cookies & cream and strawberry!

What is Mochi? 

Mochi is a Japanese dessert made of sweet, glutinous rice flour, or Mochigome.

Elevated Flavors! 

We took this chewy dessert favorite, and combined it with a classic to bring all your favorites together!


Treat yourself to a dynamic duo! We’ve taken the guesswork out of pairing your favorite Leafly Boba with our Mochi Waffle Pops. Find your new go-to from our pairings:

OG Crème Brûlée Pop + Leafly Pink Drink

Strawberry Pop + Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Blueberry Pop + Blueberry Matcha Latte

Black Sugar Boba Pop + Vietnamese Coffee

Cookies N Cream + Leafly Milk Tea